Shaker Kitchens

Understated and beautiful. No other kitchen style has stood the test of time as well as the Shaker.  The puritan beliefs and craftsmanship of the designs originators in late 18th century America can still be found in clean lines of today’s shaker kitchens.  Simple, unpretentious with no fussy detail it’s a timeless style that lends itself to any setting from simple country cottages to grand period residences.  It has even found it's place in the modern minimalist home.

 Savoy Shaker Kitchens Online

Savoy Shaker in Oakgrain Grey

No kitchen offers the versatility of the shaker. It’s understated elegance and effortless lines will appeal for years to come.  It’s a blank canvas and can be accessorized to give a traditional or modern twist.

 Savoy Shaker Kitchens Online

Savoy Shaker in Oakgrain Graphite and Oakgrain Grey 

The understated beauty of this timeless design, and the history behind its heartfelt craftsmanship, make Shaker kitchens the perfect fit for almost any style of home. Keep your design simple and unadorned.  It should look like a collection of free standing furniture.  Use square or quadrant end posts and plane or panelled plant-ons to end runs of units to enforce that free standing theme.


Shaker Kitchens Online

A place for everything and everything in its place. Keep the seamless look by hiding appliances behind simple doors and creating storage spaces for commonly used appliances and utensils.

Ideal colours are cream, off-white and pale greys but stronger colours such as graphite and navy can work also. There’s plenty of sources of colour inspiration available. Farrow and Ball and The Little Greene Paint Company are great places to start.