Our Quality Promise

Our dedicated team create high-quality kitchens at very affordable prices - but not at the expense of our planet, or the people who work hard to make the products.

We are proud to make all of our kitchens in the UK safeguarding local jobs and helping the local manufacturing sector. But this is more than an exercise in local job protection. At uSpecKitchens.co.uk we have a philosophy of minimising waste and protecting the environment. By manufacturing exactly what is needed when it is needed. By reducing stock, transportation, handling and damages. By removing the middlemen and selling directly to the customer. We reduce costs and lead-time giving you exceptional service and prices.

It’s a win-win. Great products, great prices and well paid local jobs. And to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment and help safeguard our industry for future generations, all of our wood is from sustainable sources.

Order from UspecKitchens.co.uk and you can be sure that:

  1. You are supporting UK jobs
  2. All our wood is responsibly sourced. We never use illegally-felled wood or wood from endangered species of trees.
  3. We reduce wastage as well as costs by continually focusing on lean manufacturing principals, eliminating unnecessary time, materials and costs.
  4. We keep transportation emissions to a minimum by manufacturing locally and designing many of our products to be transported efficiently, thus allowing us to minimise our carbon footprint.