6 Year Guarantee

Terms & Conditions

All of our doors and cabinet components carry a guarantee of 6 years from date of invoice, against defects in materials only.

Doors and cabinets should be cleaned only with a damp cloth, applying the minimum amount of moisture to components as possible, or approved polish (never use any cleaning materials containing solvents).  Please refer to our aftercare instructions.

High Gloss Doors should be allowed to cure for seven days after removing the protective film.

Doors situated below a sink, or covering a dishwasher/washing machine are not covered, unless the damage is anything other than excessive steam or water contact.

Components placed near heat sources such as ovens, radiators, grills, boiling kettles, toasters etc, are not covered by the guarantee unless protected by suitable heat strips, and a suitable gap left for heat escape.

Our doors conform to FIRA standard of 1mm bow over a 600mm length if measured when the doors are acclimatised for a period of 96 hours to a temperature of 18-25oC.

In the unlikely event that the original colour has been discontinued, the nearest possible alternative will be offered. Any damage reported to us will be dealt with efficiently and swiftly, and any replacement will be at our discretion.

We accept no liability for any consequential loss, costs or re-fitting charges.

The Guarantee covers the replacement of wood components only.